• Key Bank

    Key Bank - Mall

  • Mercedes

    Mercedes - Epic Walk

  • Rent A Center

    Rent A Center - TV

  • Arbella Insurance

    Arbella Insurance - Blankie

  • Beeline

    Beeline - Career Girl

  • Texas Dept. of Health

    Texas Department of Health - Kids

  • Lending Tree

    Lending Tree - Lil’Bobby

  • Walmart

    Walmart - Notebook Smash

  • Charter Communications

    Charter Communications - Genius

  • Emerald Nuts

    Emerald Nuts - The Nut Snob

  • El Pollo Loco

    El Pollo Loco - Tequila

  • Mill Valley Film Festival

    Mill Valley Film Festival - First Look

Terry Reitta

Terry Rietta’s marriage of rich visual storytelling, cinematic style and character driven comedy are the cornerstones of an eclectic and original reel.

Terry prides himself as a multi-disciplined storyteller, comfortable in both long and short forms. He is also a prolific writer who is frequently called upon to create or collaborate on new media and branded entertainment projects. His short fiction, like his directing work, is a diverse mix of styles and has appeared in publications ranging from the prestigious Los Angeles Review to down-and-dirty Shotgun Honey.

Terry has directed spots all over the world for clients such as Mercedes, Verizon, Starbucks, Snickers, Subway, Walmart, Orange, and American Express. He has served as writer/director on branded entertainment short films for Samsung, and as a writer for Ritz Carlton films project as well as Amazon Theater short films.

Formerly an award-winning creative director, Terry is also a street photographer, focusing on found objects. His photography, and more, can be seen at www.terryrietta.com.