• Coffe Mate

    Coffee Mate - Anthem

  • Paper Mate

    Paper Mate- Blank

  • Peugeot

    Peugeot - Personal

  • Zona

    Zona Jobs - Grandmother

  • T&R

    Tita & Rhodesia - Lalo

  • Blackberry

    Blackberry - Julio Boca

  • Oreo

    Oreo - Library

  • Paper Mate

    Paper Mate - Road Work

  • Ariel

    Ariel - Brothers

Martin Hodara

Buenos Aires-based Martin Hodara has been working in still photography, commercials, and narrative films since he was a teenager. Free Market Films founders Beth Kinder and Ed Nammour met Martin in the capacity of 1st AD, on the first project they ever shot in Argentina, way back in the olden times when dinosaurs roamed the earth and cameras were made of wood.

The three became good friends, and a few short years later when Martin began directing, Ed and Beth were some of the first people he shared his work with. Of course, they were thrilled and couldn’t wait to work with him.

Martin’s work combines a photographer's eye with a dry wit, and a sophisticated yet straightforward attitude. His spots are cinematic in scope and intimate in detail. Martin especially loves working with children and animals, which takes an almost superhuman amount of patience (especially both at the same time). That he understands them so well is readily evident in his work.