We are Free Market Films, a production company and creative studio, owned and operated by veteran director and visual stylist Edouard Nammour, and Beth Kinder, who our clients call the brightest, most resourceful and dedicated producer they’ve ever worked with. (Thanks for that, clients — we love to be appreciated).

Our range is eclectic and our experience is extensive.  We do big budget national advertising campaigns with celebrity talent as well as small regional work, brand image films, and micro-budget personal films and passion projects.

When we started our company in 2002, we pledged that undivided and personal attention — listening closely, caring deeply, and committing ourselves fully to a client’s goals— would define our client service and inspire our filmmaking. 

In all of his visual storytelling — commercials, music videos, features, promotional films, branded content — Ed’s sincerity, humanism, sensitivity, love, good feeling, and regard for his actors shines through. In Ed’s hands, and likewise in that brain of his (he the artist, sculptor, designer, musician and writer) the artistic assignment becomes the art itself. Your brand’s message and meaning is magnified and expressed to its fullest potential.

We collaborate with trusted colleagues and dear friends, representing Buenos Aires-based director Martin Hodara, for English-language US work. One of Argentina’s most in-demand directors, Martin holds an O-1 visa, enabling him to shoot here or there.

We maintain a network of award-winning copywriters, documentary filmmakers, screenwriters, editors, graphic artists, sound designers and visual effects artists, as well as talented below-the-line crew, enabling us to deliver any or all phases of a project.

We build long-term working relationships with our clients, and truly enjoy that.  And that’s why our clients come back to us again and again.

When our partnership becomes your partnership, you’ll discover the power of “personal,” the beauty of open and direct lines of communication, and the comfort and confidence of working with creative thinkers who truly devote themselves and their full energies to your project.